Civil Engineering Services

The Hill Engineering Group Inc. is pleased to offer your company a range of civil engineering services. One of our professional engineers will meet with you or your design team to create an individual solution based on the requirements of your project.

Municipal Engineering

The Hill Engineering Group manage any municipal project from the ground up. Our civil and environmental professionals are experienced in a variety of projects, including: arterial, collector and local roadways, interchanges, bridges, major retaining wall structures, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, watermains, pumping stations, and forcemains.

Our municipal services include:

  • Detailed engineering field surveys
  • Base drawing preparations
  • Preliminary design
  • Final design
  • Contract tendering
  • Construction supervision

Land Development

The Hill engineering Group offers a variety of engineering services to assist in any aspect of a land development project. Before making a large investment in a property, The Hill Engineering Group will complete the necessary pre-development engineering, environmental and drainage studies, and evaluating the estimated costs, the timetable, and the financing requirements for the project.

The Hill Engineering Group will:

  • handle Ministry, Municipal and Regional approvals.
  • provide total-station survey crews for topographic survey
  • provide senior experienced site inspectors

Engineering Surveys

The Hill engineering group uses Total Station field survey equipment to provide complete surveying services, including:

  • topographic surveys
  • construction layout
  • certification of as-constructed works
  • vertical and horizontal geodetic data collection surveys for GIS applications
  • automatic generation of baseplans, complete with symbols and annotation

Site Development

Whether your project is residential, commercial, or  industrial, The Hill Engineering Group Inc. will take care of site plan development, and provide structural design expertise and layout for the final construction of all services, roadworks and the building components on the site. Our services include:

  • Site servicing
  • Stormwater management design
  • Area grading
  • Landscape Design
  • Lighting
  • Traffic
  • Engineering surveys, layout, and inspection
  • Contract tendering and administration
  • site certifications

Structural and Building Design or Analysis

  • Structural Analysys & Design of Buildings
    (eg. design of schools, arenas, shopping centres, churches, hotels, factories, apartment buildings, and townhouses)
  • Agricultural Engineering
    (eg. new bin systems, divided silos, and drive through silo systems)
  • Special Structural Problems
    (eg. raft foundations, retaining walls, parking garages, foot bridges, tilt-up buildings, precast concrete, conveyor systems, and crown type frames, modernization and/or reconstruction of old structures, and solving sound vibration problems)
  • Stress Analysis
    (eg. certification of materials, components and sub-assemblies, evaluation of hanger conveyors, and the development of a plastic dome structures)
  • Structural Damage Investigation and Reporting
    (eg. damage caused by fire, wind, decay, snow and ice loads, and vibrations)
  • Repairs To Structures
    (eg. underground garages, steel structures and masonry walls)

Lifting Device & Racking Design or Analysis

  • Custom design and capacity ratings for new and existing lifting devices and attachments
  • Racking Structure Design and Certification
  • Pre-start health and safety (PSHSR) reviews for new and existing racking
  • Structural Approval (cranes & lifting devices)





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