Industrial Services


The Hill Engineering Group Inc. is pleased to offer your company various mechanical and industrial services. One of our professional engineers will meet with you or your design team to create an individual solution based on the requirements of your project. Some of our services include:

Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews (PSHSR)

The Ontario Health and Safety Act requires that certain industrial equipment and structures be reviewed by a professional engineer to ensure compliance with applicable standards. The Hill engineering Group has been providing Pre-Start Health and Safety reviews since they were introduced by the Ontario Government in 2001. For more information regarding Pre-Start Health and Safety Review, please
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Risk Assessments

Risk assessments compliment Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews by providing a complete analysis of an industrial hazard to identify and rate the risk associated with the hazard. It is important that an employer practice due diligence in matters of employees safety, especially when the law is concerned. Click here for more information.

Safeguarding Reports

Have a partial or plant-wide safeguarding report prepared for your manufacturing facility. The report will detail the safeguarding requirements needed to bring your machinery into compliance with machinery safeguarding standards;

  • all machines
  • a single manufacturing cell
  • conveyor systems





Pre-start health and safety reviews (PSHSR)

Risk Assessments

Safeguarding Reports

Press Safety Inspections

Robotic Safety Inspection

Standard Operating Procedures

Lockout Procedures

HVAC Design

Electrical Control Design & Installation

Conveyor systems




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